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50 Foods That Start With L, From All Around The World

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In this post, we gather some recipes, dishes, ingredients, and foods that start with L. Our JarKitchen team is made up of foodies and many of us happen to like history. We hope you find this comprehensive and well-researched list informative, and exciting. Along the way, we offer simple “kitchen hacks” to help you find, cook and prepare these foods in the kitchen. Let’s dive in!

The 50 foods that start with L are Lamb, Lasagna, Latte, Leek, Lemon, Lemonade, Lobster, Loin, Lahana Sarması, Lovage, Lynchburg Lemonade, Lime, Linguine, Liqueur, Liver, Lentils, Loaf, Lollipop, Legume, Lard, Latke, Liverwurst (Leberwurst), Long John Silvers, Lady Finger, Limeade, Linguica, Lingcod, Liquor, Lahmacun, Littleneck, Lavash, Limpa, Lalanga, Lutefisk, Loquat, Lobscouse, Lekvar, Lozenge, Lime Pie, Liederkranz, Limburger, Loganberry, Lichis, Liver Cheese (Leberkäse), Lupin Beans, Lettuce, Lemongrass, London Broil, Lox, and Limoncello.

Also be sure to check out our YouTube video for 10 foods that start with the letter L.

Let us get straight into it, shall we? Starting with our favorite…

1. Lamb! Succulent Red Meat

If we’re talking about foods that start with L, lamb is one of the best ones for sure. In many other countries, lamb is the most consumed type of meat (except for chicken). This is especially true in Middle Eastern cuisines, where sheep are plenty.  We always prefer to cook the lamb while still on the bone, as the meat is more tender if the carcass is cooked in its entirety. For a leg of lamb in the oven or on a spit, we recommend preparing the lamb by rubbing extra virgin olive oil on it. Then rub in sea salt, black pepper, rosemary as well, perhaps with a pinch of garlic salt. Next, stuff whole cloves of garlic directly into and throughout the meat (trust us on this one). For medium temperature, cook at 135°F to 140°F for 25 minutes per pound. So if you have a 2 lb. piece of lamb, you will make it for roughly 50 minutes. Toggle the temperature high or low for preference.

foods that start with l

Food Knowledge Bomb: Some Mediterranean cultures swear by the “Lamb Rule”: the closer the lamb’s body part to the floor, the tougher the meat will be. So, the shoulder and leg will be tougher meat than the loin, although they’re all so delicious! And, if the sheep sacrificed to lamb are adults, some cultures refer to the adult as “mutton”. Most of the kebabs in Turkey, where I originate from, are made from lamb, adding a rich aroma to the kebab when mixed with spices.

Lamb is rich in nutrients like Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc and selenium.

Wanna learn about some funky foods that start with X? Ever hear of Xiaolongbao? It has a funky name, but I bet you’ve eaten it before…

2. Lasagna: Meat, Cheese, Flat Noodles

lasagna is one of our favorite foods that start with l

Lasagna is an Italian dish that tastes nothing like it looks, and sounds totally different than it’s spelling (pronounced LUH-ZAHN-IYA). The Napolean dish contains layers of noodles, cheese, tomato sauce, and meat. The name stems from the cooking pan used to make the dish itself, now called lasagna. Once served, lasagna actually looks like a rectangular shaped, flat-layered pasta with sauce on it. It’s usually prepared by layering stuff like cheese, tomato sauce, or minced meat between layers, and cooking it in a pan in the oven. Deliciously served with basil, it is going to make you drool.

Food Knowledge Bomb: There is a small debate on where the name lasagna comes from. Some historians say the word lasagna stems from the Latin word for lasanum, or “chamber pot” (the pan it was baked in). Other historians say the word originates from the Ancient Greek word laganon, which was a very first form of noodle. Given that the Greeks have a dish called Pastistio, a Greek version of Lasgana, we think this is more likely.

No matter where it came from or how it’s pronounced, we love it!

3. Latte: Milky Espresso Drink

latte is a food that starts with the letter l

Latte (LAH-TAY) is one of the most famous kinds of coffee these days. Because it is very easy to make, not as hot as coffee, creamy to sip on, and often flavored. It’s much more preferred these days by coffee-goers. In fact, many people won’t drink regular coffee or shots of espresso, but mix it with a little bit of oat milk and it becomes yummy!

Lattes are made with steamed milk and one shot of espresso. If you use vanilla flavored almond milk or something similar, it has the perfect amount of sweetness to it without risking a sugar crash. The coffee content is low, but still, the aroma of espresso tastes very delicious when combined with fresh milk in the morning, evening or night. Especially if you eat some sweet croissants with it. Delicious!

Food Knowledge Bomb: The word cafe in Italian means “coffee”, and latte literally means milk. Cafe Lattes, as they’re known, literally translates into “milk coffee”.

4. Leek: A Giant Green Onion

leeks begin with l

Leeks look like giant versions of spring onions and one of the most known foods that start with L. People do not always use leek directly in salads, they have mostly used slops. However, you can use them in salads after cooking for a little while. They were a large part of the middle-age cuisine in Europe.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Leeks contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are two substances that protect the eyes. They’re also rich in Vitamin K, which is good for bone density and health. As you age, these are a great food to eat to protect against the loss of bone density and cataracts.

5. Lemon: Yellow Citrus Fruit

Lemons are originally native to the southern part of Asia, primarily to north-eastern India. They are a species of the Evergreen Tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae. They are yellow, round fruits that taste very sour. Used in sauces, desserts, dishes, and soups to make them taste even better. Also contains high Vitamin C and antioxidants. Some experts say, that starting the day with a glass of water, to which you squeezed half a lemon, may help you lose weight in the long run.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Did you know that a lemon is actually a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron? California and Arizona are responsible for 95% of the lemon crop.

6. Lemonade: Refreshing Drink

lemonade is a great refreshing drink that starts with l

I really like lemonade, because it super easy to make and the best way of refreshing in hot summer days. You need to squeeze lemons to get the lemon juice, mix it with cold water and add some mint leaves to it and stir. If more convenient, this is where a hand blender or portable blender comes into play. If this is too sour for you, you can also add sugar to make it even taste better. But hey, refined sugar is not healthy, so try to keep It sugar-free.

Food Knowledge Bomb: The earliest record of any lemon-based drink dates back to the 12th century in Egypt. Medieval Egyptians enjoyed a drink made of fermented barley, with mint, rue, black pepper and citron leaf.

7. Lobster: King of the Sea

foods that start with l

Lobsters are large marine crustaceans. They have a hard shell, two big long eyes, antennas, and have ten “feet”. They usually live on the seafloor. There are many recipes for lobster all around the world. Our favorite is with seafood pasta. Not surprisingly, there are so many people who haven’t tried lobster, because it can be very expensive depending on the country you are eating it in. If you’re in a landlocked country or a place with a relatively new fishing industry, lobster can be very expensive. It’s generally affordable in the US, depending on whether it’s fresh or previously frozen.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Lobsters were once known as the “poor man’s chicken”, but now it’s an expensive food. Today, monkfish is known as the Poor Man’s Lobster. I guess every dog has his day!

8. Loin: Beef Cut Best in Oven

The loin is actually red meat, taken from the spine region and lowest ribs. The water holding capacity of Loin is higher than any other parts of the cow, making for a juicy and succulent piece of meat.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Loin cuts are by far the most expensive cut of meat. The loin comes from the section of the back of the cow, just behind the rib. Recall from our first knowledge bomb, the further away the meat is from the ground, the more tender, the better and as we see with beef, the more expensive.

9. Lahana Sarması: “Cabbage” in Turkish

“Lahana” (LAH-HA-NA) means cabbage in Turkish. It’s actually stuffed cabbage rolls, also nnown as dolma in a few cultures. It is a very popular dish in Turkish cuisine. They are mainly cabbage leaves, rolled with spicy minced meat inside. Tastes amazing with a squeeze of lemon. Yum! In Turkish cuisine, you can make up many foods that start with L by combining Lahana with other ingredients or dishes. If you can get your hands on some Lahana Sarması, be sure to consume it with lemon.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Stuffed cabbage is virtually found in every culture around the world. It is said to have originated in Poland, but my home country of Turkey eats it all the time, as well as many other Middle Eastern and former Soviet countries and Slavic nations.

10. Lovage: Sea Parsley

lovage, sea parsley, also known as lavose or liveche, begins with l

Lovage is a tall, perennial plant and one of the foods that start with L. Its leaves have medicinal properties, you can consume its roots as vegetables, and seeds as spices. Lovage is one of the highly dominant foods in south-European cuisine. No part of this plant will go to waste. It’s used as a garnish, forms the base of many Mediterranean salads like Tabbouleh, and is mixed in with kabab seasoning. It has long been cultivated in Europe. Leaves and the stem of this plant add a celery-like flavor to your dishes. You can use them to enhance the aroma of potato-based dishes.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Lovage is known as sea parsley, but it doesn’t grow in the sea. It’s also known as love parsley, lavose, liveche, or smallage. Talk about a lot of nicknames! Parsley, high in a protein called apigenin, which has been good for healthy testosterone production levels in men.

11. Lynchburg Lemonade: Alcoholic Cocktail

Lynchburg Lemonade is a cocktail. Ingredients are easy and include Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, triple sec, sour mix, and lemon-lime soda. Lynchburg Lemonade belongs to a sour family of mixed drinks, served with lots of ice, with a lemon or cherry to garnish the glass.

Food Knowledge Bomb: According to, Lynchburg Lemonade is named for the home of the Jack Daniel’s distillery in Tennessee, but it was actually invented in bar in Huntsville, Alabama, by a guy  named Tony Mason. Hat tip to you, good sir.

12. Lime: Citrus Fruit

Limes are green acidic, sour fruits that look like small, green lemons. You can use them in dishes, cocktails, and of course, with tequila! They are very nutritious, contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Compared to lemons, they have more sugars and acids. Just like Lemonade, there is also Limeade, which is you can use in many cocktails as well.  It would be a shame not to mention lime in the list of “foods that start with L” 🙂

Food Knowledge Bomb: Did you know that limes sink, due to their density, but lemons float?

13. Linguine: Flat Long Noodles

Linguine is a type of pasta that resembles spaghetti. The difference between Linguine and Spaghetti is that Linguine is wider than Spaghetti. The most common use of Linguine is with pesto sauce or fish sauces. One popular meal is linguine in red or white clam sauce. Red clam sauce is a traditional red sauce, mixed with the clam sauce and bits of clam. But we prefer white clam sauce, which has an Extra Virgin Olive Oil base and extra garlic. Bon appetit!

Food Knowledge Bomb: Although some say noodles first appeared in China, and were introduced to Europe thanks to Marco Polo, everyone agrees Linguine is from Italy. It is said to have originated in the 1700s in Genova, Italy. Linguine has become so popular that it even has it’s own day! National Linguine Day is September 15th… enjoy!

14. Liqueur: Alcoholic Spirits

Liqueurs are alcoholic spirits that are mostly made from fruits. After fermentation of the fruit, the alcohol content of the drink rises, and with the unique aroma coming from the fruit, they taste quite delicious. They may contain additional flavorings like fruits, spices, herbs, and sugar. I am not a liqueur fan, but I know a lot of people that like a liqueur. Some bartenders also use Liqueurs in cocktails, like Xalapa punch.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Technically, liqueurs are a type of liquor, because of the distillation process (both are distilled spirits). However, liqueurs are different from liquor in that they’re generally flavored with various flavors, oils, and extracts. Rum, whiskey and brandy serve as a great base liquor for liqueur.

15. Liver (Beef)

The liver is an organ in humans and animals and one of the foods that people like in middle-eastern cuisine. It has so many properties and duties, it literally is a small factory in our bodies. The livers we eat are mostly cow, chicken, and lamb. They look like meat with a darker color. You can see chefs using liver in kebabs. After marinating the liver in hot spices and covering them with flour, you can put them on a kebab stick. It is also possible to make a normal dish out of it this way. Since it is cheap, it might be a good option for students. They also have many nutrients in them. With the right food processor, you can make some great pate.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Beef and liver is dreaded by many kids, but their parents probably feed it to them for a reason. Beef liver is loaded with vitamins A and B, and minerals folate and iron. Eating these vitamins and minerals will help prevent nutritional deficiencies.

16. Lentils: Very Healthy Beans

Lentils are in the list of foods that start with L for sure. There are many types of Lentils, for instance, red, yellow, or green lentils. Lentils are rich in protein and are filling, which makes them a good substitute for meat. For this reason, vegan and vegetarian people love them! The most famous and common recipes with lentils are lentil soup and lentil-sprout salad. Lentil-sprout salad, when made at home, looks like a salad, for which you have to a significant amount of money when eaten at a restaurant. Most of the lentils in the world come from India and Canada. Lentils are also one of the foods that start with the letter L.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Biblical bread was actually made with lentils, and items similar to lentils like barley, millet and spelt. In fact, that’s the ingredients for bread in Ezekiel 4:9, and there is a brand of bread by the same name that does not include any flour.

17. Loaf: Bread

Speaking of bread… a loaf is a term that indicates the quantity of bread, uncut. A loaf is a whole bread loaf, after which you slice them into individual pieces for whatever use. One favorite is avocado toast, which goes great with crumbled goat cheese, crushed red pepper, sliced cherry tomatoes, and sea salt.

There is also another dish that resembles a Loaf, and that is Meatloaf. Meatloaf is a cake, and you can make it using meat, bread crumbs, and spices. They are like giant, bread shaped meatballs, delicious with ketchup!

Food Knowledge Bomb: About 14,000 years ago, humans stopped being a nomadic species and began to cultivate grains from the Earth. Around the same time, people began to mill their grains into powder to make cereals, eventually mixing it with water to bake bread.

18. Lollipop: Ball Like Candy

A lollipop is a hardened candy on a stick, which can be enjoyed for a long time. There are many types of lollipops, some of them resemble a circle, some of them resemble a candy ball. Usually, they have fillings in them or they’re made out of different flavored candy strips, and then formed into a “lollipop shape”. Some have gum inside, others have tooties rolls. When I was a kid, I ate a lollipop almost every day, not knowing how bad they would be for my teeth! Companies and brands often draw pictures on them for children, as a creative way of advertising.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Lollipops were invented in 1908 by a candy maker named George Smith. Legend has it that he was a big gambler and named it after his favorite racing horse, Lolly Pop.

19. Legumes: Healthy Nuts

Legumes are a plant in the family Leguminosae, among the foods that start with L. Legumes more commenly are also the fruits or seeds of such plants. Legumes are cultivated agriculturally because they have high protein content and also are a good substitute for meat. Which makes them a very important thing in the kitchen for vegans and vegetarians.

For example, the most vital ingredient of Falafel is chickpeas. The cultivation purpose is mostly for human consumption, however, farms feed them to animals as well. Some Legumes you may know are chickpeas, clover, peas, lentils, and peanuts.

Food Knowledge Bomb: If you look closely enough, you will see a legume/rice combo or lentil/rice combo in nearly every culture. The reason why is that these crops grow latitudinal across, meaning from East to West. So from Spain to China, at the same level of latitude on Earth, you will find similar crops. Not to mention, the combination gives us the missing amino acid not found in beans. So if you combine rice and beans, you get a full spectrum of amino acids, and can prevent protein deficiencies. It’s a cheap, easy and healthy way to feed populations.

20. Lard: Pig Fat

Lard is a half-solid, soft fat made from the pig’s fatty tissues. It is made by dry heating, steaming, or boiling the pig’s fat. Most people consider it unhealthy but you can use it to enhance the flavor of your dishes. You can spread the lard on a slice of bread like butter. You can use lard in sausages and fillings, however you can also use it as a substitute for butter because it provides flakiness for pastry.

Food Knowledge Bomb: Pig lard is popular in many Eastern European cuisines, especially Ukraine. It is often enjoyed with a glass of vodka and eaten as a way to absorb alcohol (and also an appetizer before a big meal). In fact, it’s so popular in Eastern Europe, the lard is often brought to your table at restaurants. In the West, we get complimentary bread when we sit down at a restaurant. In Eastern Europe, you get pig lard!

21. Latke: Fried Potato Cake

foods that begin with L have a favorite all over the world - latkes

Latke is a potato pancake that is created by the Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine. Jewish people make Latke for the Hanukkah festival. They contain potatoes, onions, flour, and spices. You need to grate the onions and potatoes, in a mix of flour, eggs, and spices. Afterward, you get a dough-like mix. Put the pan on high-heat, drop a round-shaped dough on the pan start cooking it. 

22. Leberwurst: German Liver Sausage

foods that begin with l include leberwurst, liver sausage

Liverwurst is a sausage that is popular especially in Germany. The difference between a normal sausage and liverwurst is that Liverwurst contains ground liver. It has a unique aroma when grilled. Mostly consumed with beer, consider grilling Liverwurst next time you meet with your friends for BBQ. A tip, if you go to Germany and you are a Wurstman, try all the sausages you can find on the market. You can make up many foods that start with L because Lachs means salmon in the german language.

23. Long John Silvers: American Seafood Chain

foods that start with L

Long John Silvers is a fish recipe that was found by the company Long John Silvers LLC and one of the most famous foods that start with L. They are are actually fish but you need to dip them in batter first. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, Long John Silvers is a perfect fast food.

The batter resembles that of the English classic Fish and Chips, but the key ingredient in the batter for Long John Silvers is club soda. While making Fish and Chips, they use beer batter. Long John Silvers is a fast food restaurant chain, so if you are living in the USA, you probably have seen it. 

24. Lady Finger: Okra

okra is another one of the popular foods that begin with l

Lady Finger also called “Okra” is a green vegetable that gets its name from the resemblance it has with a human finger. Apart from being one of the foods that start with L, it improves our immune system, which is something very important these days. As of this day, there are no solutions to the virus but to improve and strengthen our immune system. Therefore, if you can get your hands on some Ladyfingers, be sure to get some. 

Did you know? Lady fingers are also a dessert that includes a puff pastry filled with a delicious, white cream.

25. Limeade: Lemonade, but with Limes

food that begins with l

Limeade is just like lemonade but it is made from limes, instead of lemons. The different flavors of lime distinguish Limeade from Lemonade. You can drink it as a soda or use it in cocktails. It also contains lots of vitamin C, which boosts your immune system. Vitamin C is a vitamin that we need to take from the outside. Because the human body cannot produce vitamin C by itself. Limeade, minus the sugar, goes great with a Corona beer!

26. Linguica: Pork Sausage

linguica is popular among foods that start with L

Linguica is a pork sausage. Portuguese people make Linguica by mixing pork meat with onion and garlic. If you add this to your sandwich, you’ll get enough calories for a day long. Apart from other sausages, this boy has a decent smell and doesn’t disturb the stomach after eating. Linguica is one of the foods that start with letter L.

27. Lingcod: American Pacific Fish

lingcod is a food that begins with L

The 27th food on the list that starts with L is the Lingcod fish. Lingcod fish has other names of course, like buffalo cod or the cultus cod. It is native to the North American west coast. 20% of Lingcod fish have blue-green or turquoise meat, but this color disappears in the cooking process. So, do not worry, it is not poisonous. Lingcod fish can be cooked in many ways, but one of them is the herb-crusted Ling Cod fillets. 

28. Liquor: Alcohol & Spirits

Earlier we touched on liqueur, highlighting the difference between that and Liquor. Another big difference is Liqueur is fermented, but Liquor is distilled. After distillation of fruits with high sugar content, the alcohol gains the flavor of the fruit you have distilled. To understand the difference, you should, for example, try Cherry Liquor and Cherry Liqueur side by side. 

29. Lahmacun: Turkish Pizza

There are many foods that start with l in Turkish Kitchen, and it is one of them. Lahmacun is a different variation of pizza that Turkish people love forever. It contains beef and lots of vegetables. Unlike the other pizzas, you should squeeze lemon on it before eating. The best drink option with it will be Ayran. Calorie intake after eating lahmacun will be less than other pizzas. Because the dough is very thin.

30. Littleneck: Edible Clams

Littleneck is a type of quahog. What’s important about a Littleneck is that they are small and young. A way to cook Littlenecks is to steam them. How to steam them you say? Lend us an ear: Bring a pan to high heat, add butter and garlic until golden. Then add wine and lemon juice. Add the Littlenecks, cover, and let steam until the clams open. Take them to a plate, sprinkle some parsley, and Voila!

31. Lavash: Fresh Bread

Lavash is actually a kind of bread and is one of the first options to wrap food inside. The dough is very thin and stomach-friendly. You can roll cheese, beef, vegetables, and many other foods with lavash. Preparing time is so little, but enjoying is yummy!

32. Limpa: Bread with Corn & Rice

foods that start with l include limpa orange rye

There are almost a million types and variations of bread and Limpa bread is one of them. Limpa contains corn, wheat, and rice. This power trio gives their taste to the Limpa bread and it is amazing. People usually consume it with marmalade or cheese. Let us keep going in our list of foods that start with L.

33. Lalanga: Turkish Pancakes

foods that start with l

Lalanga looks like a thick pancake, but trust us, it is not a pancake. It is a Turkish specialty, that dates back to the Ottoman Empire times. You can eat them for breakfast, or as snacks with a cup of tea. Lalanga contains milk, flour, and Turkish yogurt. Mix these and add some eggs until you get a pancakish dough. Bring the pan to a high temperature, add some riviera olive oil, and start cooking them like pancakes.

34. Lutefisk: Edible Jellyfish

foods that start with l

A jellyfish. A traditional fish dish made by boiling cod fillet softened by soaking in a sodium solution, in a jelly-like form, in water. Appearance is a disgrace, about the taste? I’ll comment after eating 🙂

35. Loquat: A Sour “Apricot”

foods beginning with l

Loquat is a type of fruit that looks like an apricot from the outside. The taste, however, is completely different. Loquat is native to the southern part of China. Its fruit has a distinctive sour taste. Japanese people use the leaves of the loquat tree to make tea. It also has been grown for almost 1000 years in the Japanese region. They are oval, round or they look like a pear, and come in colors like yellow, orange, and sometimes red. 

36. Lobscouse: Stewed Meat & Veggies

Lobscouse is one of the foods that start with L and it is prepared with stewed meat, vegetables, and biscuits. Commonly eaten by the sailors. Lasts long and contains lots of calories, maintaining the sailors’ long-term energy.

37. Lekvar: Thick Fruit Jam

Lekvar is an eastern European term. It is actually a thick fruit jam and people use it to fill pastries and cakes. My grandmother used to make her own for her Kifli Fillings.

38. Lozenge: Medicinal Candy

The lozenge is small medicinal candies or tablets that dissolve in the mouth with saliva. The difference between a Lozenge and an ordinary menthol candy is that Lozenge has medicinal purposes. They are especially good for your tonsils and throat. If you are showing symptoms of a cold or have a sore throat, be sure to get some Lozenges. They not only refresh your breath but also numbs your throat with the menthol in it. 

39. Lime Pie

This is a classical pie prepared with lime (a green version of lemon). Compared to the other pies, it has a refreshing taste because of the sour aroma. If you grind the lime shell you’ll also get a fresh and incredible smell besides the taste. We certainly recommend this step!

40. Liederkranz: Limburger Cheese

Liederkranz is the American version of Limburger cheese. It has an edible yellow-orange tan crust, a bit soft interior with a pungent flavor. It was created by a Swiss cheesemaker in New York. 

41. Limburger: Smelly (but Tasty) Cheese

Limburger is a cheese that has a very strong smell, caused by the bacteria Brevibacterium linens. It is one of the foods that start with L and the most famous way to consume Limburger cheese is to have a Limburger cheese sandwich. In about three months, the texture of the cheese starts to change, ripening the cheese and becoming spreadable. Spread it over rye bread, add two slices of onion, and there you go. People often consume Limburger cheese with Lager beer or strong black coffee.

42. Loganberry: Hybrid Blackberry-Raspberry

foods that begin with l

Loganberry is a hybrid of American Blackberry and European Raspberry. This process was not made on purpose, this was the result of an accident Mr. James Harvey Logan made. That is why we call them Loganberries. The color is dark red, tastes flavorful and tart. Taste is between a blackberry and a raspberry as you can assume.

43. Lichis: Strange Asian Fruit

foods that start with l

Lichis is the fruit of a tropical tree, native to the southern regions of China. They are small, but fleshy fruits. The color of the fruit is pink-red, the outside part of the fruit is not edible and has a rough texture. But the fleshy part, the inside of the fruit is completely edible and you can use them in many desserts. It is also rich in Vitamin C.

44. Liver Cheese: Corned Beef & Pork Mix

Liver Cheese is native to Germany and is made out of pork meat. Unlike what it says in the name, it actually does not contain any cheese. It contains corned beef, pork, and bacon. On the outside, it actually looks like a cake or bread and has a crunchy, glossy brown crust. Mostly, German people serve it as a slice between sandwiches bread. Of course, don’t forget to season it with mustard and put some pickles in it 🙂  

45. Lupin Beans

#45 in our list is Lupin (beans). Lupin beans are traditionally eaten as a pickled snack food. The Mediterranean people are the top consumers of Lupin beans. There are bitter varieties of this bean, which are high in alkaloids, leading to a very bitter taste. In order to be able to eat them, they must be rinsed. You need to soak them in salty-water for some days so that the bitterness inside can go away. After that, it can be consumed with yogurt.

46. Lettuce

Lettuce is the main ingredient for salads. It seems the Germans have taken the matter to the next point, calling Lettuce “Salat” directly. They contain high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and also high in magnesium and phosphate. Along with balsamic vinegar, some spring onions, and tomatoes, you can turn this vegetable into a healthy midday snack! Lettuce is of course a vegetable but we wanted to put in the list of foods that start with L.

47. Lemongrass: Tropical Spice

Lemongrass is a tropical island plant in the grass family and acts as a spice in the kitchen. The reason why its name is Lemongrass, is because of its scent, resembling that of lemons. The original name of Lemongrass is Cymbopogon, which is a Greek word. It also has been used for its medicinal properties.

48. London Broil: Beef Cut

foods that start with l, london broil

Despite its name being London Broil, it is actually an American Dish. London Broil is a meat dish that contains broiled marinated beef. For serving, you need to cut it into thin strips. Mostly used in sandwiches, the meat is rarer than traditional roast beef. You can make them on a grill or a high-heat pan.

49. Lox: Brined & Smoked Salmon

lox is popular among foods that start with l

Lox is the fillet of brined salmon. It is one of the foods that start with L. The salmon is cured in pure salt for about 2-3 months, then it gets soaked to get rid of the excess salt. Lox is not smoked. The name of this method for preparing salmon comes from Germanic languages. Lachs means salmon in German. People generally make a bagel lox sandwich with cream cheese. You can also use tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and capers to garnish.

…And our 50th Food That Starts with L: Limoncello

food that start with l

Limoncello is an Italian Liqueur, which is mostly consumed on hot summer days. You can make limoncello by infusing lemon peels in pure alcohol. Limoncello is the second most famous drink in Italy, the first one being Campari. It is really easy to make Limoncello, however, it requires a bit of time. After preparing the drink, it must steep for a minimum of 80 days. After that, put it in the freezer, and serve really cold. Bon Appetit!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, we are going to answer your frequently asked questions about foods that start with L.

What are fruits that starts with L?

Longan means “eye of the dragon” and it is a type of tropical from the family Sapindaceae. Longan fruit is actually sweeter than the Lychee fruit, however, it is less juicy. They are also more resistant to cold and drought, so people can cultivate them in colder and dryer regions. It also contains non-edible parts of course like its seeds and peel. Instead of eating it directly, Asian people also use Longan in desserts and snacks!

What is a vegetable that starts with L?

Lotus root is one of the vegetables that start with L and it has a rather distinctive shape if you slice it. It has pores in it which makes it look like the slice of a cylinder with holes inside. The texture is crunchy and it has a mild flavor. People in Asia also cultivate lotus root in every season. This means, that you can find this delicious crunchy snack every season at the farmers market. To choose a good lotus root, especially pay attention, that the roots are firm and the color is smooth.

Conclusion on foods that start with L

foods that start with l

It took a lot of effort to collect the best 50 foods that start with L for you. Be sure to check out every one of them. If you’d like to know more details about a specific dish, you can check at if we have added its recipe or not. If we haven’t, Wikipedia is your best friend.

There are cocktails, dishes, snacks, beverages, and plants that are consumed for medicinal purposes in this list. You can also use the list in a word game with your friends! We will be adding more lists like foods that start with L, so be sure to check our page regularly! We will also be posting on social media.

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