can you put glass in the oven

Can You Put a Glass in the Oven? Is it Safe?

After a long day at work, you may not have time to cook. Then, you realize the leftovers in the fridge from yesterday. Because you have put them in a glass container, you might have a question on your mind. Can you put a glass in the oven? If you are not sure about the answer, you will learn a lot after this article.

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Before showing the products that you can or cannot put in the oven, let’s remember why glass is a better product for storage?

Benefits for Using Glass to Store Food

1.Cleanliness: Compared to the plastic containers, you can easily clean glass containers and there won’t be any smell left.

2.Non-toxicity: Glass is non-toxic even if you heat it at high temperatures. However, there are other non-toxic materials that release toxic chemicals when heated.

3. Can be put in the oven: You don’t have to change the container to heat your food when you use a glass container rather than a plastic one.

4.Transparency: When you store your food inside a glass container and cook it later, you will clearly see if the ingredients are baking or not.

5. Quality: Glass containers might be more expensive than plastic ones. But, you do not have to worry if it melts or warps when you wash it in the dishwasher.

Oven-Safe Glasses

Can you put a glass in the oven? This picture shows the glass type symbols

If you are a careful buyer, you will realize these signs behind the glass you want to buy. The second image shows that you can put your glass inside the oven and it will be safe. Some of the well-known oven-safe glasses are tempered glasses, glasses made of borosilicate glasses, and pyrex glasses for instance.

However, if you do not have the second image at the back of your product, it may as well shatter if you are not careful enough. How about other glass products that don’t have the sign on?

It is better to show other products that you should think twice before putting in the oven.

Can You Put Other Glass Products in the Oven?

Can glass go in the oven? We have mentioned that tempered, borosilicate, and pyrex glasses are oven-safe glasses. That is only true when they have the oven-safe image on their package. How about other glass products that don’t have the oven-safe label on themselves?

Other Glass Products

1. Drinking Glasses

Like most coffee mugs, drinking glasses are not oven-safe unless they have an oven-safe sign on them.

2. Glass Bowls & Oven Safe Glass Bowls

Depending on the size of it, some of the glass bowls might handle the heat while some of them doesn’t. That is why it is better to be safe by checking the oven-safe mark on your bowl.

3. Glass Tupperware

If you move your Tupperware from the fridge to the oven directly, it is highly possible to shatter into the pieces. Glass Tupperwares are oven-safe but it is better to wait at room temperature for a while before you put it in the oven.

4. Glass Lid

A glass lid is more fragile when we compare it to Glass Tupperware. So long as you put it in the preheated oven, there won’t be a problem. But, the heat of the oven must not be more than 400°F.

5. Glass Plate

It is very risky to put a glass plate in the oven unless it has an oven-safe image sign on itself. When it is exposed to higher heat, it is very likely to crack.

6. Glass Pan

So long as it has the oven-safe label, you can use a glass pan to reheat your food. Otherwise, you might have an unfortunate experience in your kitchen.

As you can see, so long as there is no oven-safe label on your product, there is a high risk of shattering. Even if it does have the label, you need to follow some steps to make sure that you won’t have an unfortunate accident.

What to Do to Save Your Glass in the Oven from Shattering?

If you see that your tempered glass shattered even if it has the oven-safe label on itself, you might be doing one of the following mistakes:

1.Sudden Change in the Temperature

When you move your tempered glass from the fridge to the oven directly, it may not handle the sudden heat change and shatter eventually. It may not always happen but don’t forget that there is always a risk. You can make a science experiment to see if this really works. When you put boiled water inside a drinking glass that stayed in the freezer, it will surely shatter. The same rule applies to the fridge and oven as well.

2.Heating at High Temperatures

Just because your product has the oven-safe label doesn’t mean that you can throw it inside the lava. Each product has a temperature limit and you shouldn’t exceed this. For instance, tempered glass is safe to use inside the oven up to 350°F. The ultimate limit for Pyrex glass is 450°F. There are incidents showing that Pyrex glass can shatter at 500°F. So, it is better not to use your product at high temperatures.

cooking with glass in the oven

3.Not Pre-heating the Oven

While cooking something, the cook usually recommends to pre-heat the oven so that the food will cook better. The same rule can be applied to glass products as well. When you put your dish inside a cold oven, it will take much time to heat the dish. That is why your glass product will be exposed to radiant heat for a longer time. Whether you pre-heat the oven or not, it is inevitable for the glass to be exposed to this radiant heat. By preheating the oven, you will shorten this time and keep your product from breaking.

4.Using the Wrong Type of Product

As we have described before, there are some products which are suitable for heating in the oven like tempered glass. If you put a glass bowl in the oven without knowing if it is oven-safe, then, you are doing wrong.

5.Using Product with a Crack on it

If you put a glass with a crack in the oven, it may not handle the high temperature because the pressure will be on the cracked side. That kind of glass could even break inside a microwave. That is why please be careful before putting your glass product in the oven and check its flaws.


Using glass products is the best way to keep your food thanks to their durability and non-toxicity. When it comes to reheating the food you stored in your glass container, you need to be careful about its safety. Although your product is labeled as oven-safe, there are other steps you need to follow. After making sure that you have kept it at room temperature, you can put your glass in the oven. But please make sure that you have followed all 5 steps before heating your meal. If you do that, you will not meet a surprise while waiting for dinner to get ready.

As for me, I only put tempered glass in the oven if necessary and use the microwave for heating other stuff. Is there anything else you have put in the oven so far? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or experiences about this topic.


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