zombie apocalypse hot sauce scoville

Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce Scoville: How Hot Is It?

From old movies to Netflix, zombies are all the rage nowadays. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the food industry has also joined the zombie wave. As a result, there are so many zombie-themed hot sauces available in the market. Zombie Apocalypse by Torchbearer is among the most popular ones. If you are curious to know Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce Scoville and how balanced all the flavors are, then you have landed at the right spot. Here we are going to reveal how hot it is and what you should expect. So, without further ado, let’s begin!   

What’s so special about Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce? 

zombie apocalypse hot sauce scoville  

Each bottle features 16 pods of ghost chili and delivers an untouchable wallop of heat to hot sauce lovers. This hot sauce is extract free. Moreover, it is the 2nd hottest hot sauce manufactured by the company!   

Fun fact: Ghost chili pepper can be almost 175 times hotter in comparison to the Jalapeño pepper! So, now you know why the Zombie Apocalypse is so hot!   

If you love Flashbang Hot Sauce, you are definitely going to enjoy the Zombie Apocalypse!   


The key ingredients contributing to the Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce Scoville are: 

  1. Ghost Peppers  
  2. Habaneros  
  3. Edible oil   
  4. Vinegar  
  5. Tomatoes  
  6. Vegetables  
  7. Mandarin orange  
  8. Spices such as chili powder, salt, etc.   

Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce Scoville Units

The ghost pepper is the key ingredient in this hot sauce. It is popularly known as Bhut Jolokia and is super strong (855,000 – 1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units). On the other hand, habaneros top out at 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville heat units.   

Now compare these HOT Scoville Heat Units to jalapeño with merely 2,500 to 8,000 SHU, and just imagine what you are playing with!   

Torchbearer Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce features an estimated 500,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units)! Yes, you read it right!  


Some individuals may feel the burn right from the first bite, whereas some may feel it within a few minutes of consumption. The heat usually lasts up to 20 minutes. However, once you get past the burning spiciness, the overall flavor starts to get balanced. 


This hot sauce has a little thick consistency, which means you will need to tap the bottle to pour the sauce. Hence, it’s suggested to shake the bottle before opening it. However, consistency is good enough for dipping and mixing.  


This hot sauce also derives some natural sweetness from the ingredients, making it a perfect option for all types of dishes, snacks, and even fried foods. Here are the most common foods to enjoy with Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce:  

  • Fried chicken   
  • Steak
  • Pizza  
  • Soups  
  • French fries   
  • Nachos   
  • Sandwich  

The list doesn’t end here. You can enjoy it with almost anything!   

However, Wasabi sauce is another option for those willing to try something different.  


Do you love earthy and natural aromas? If yes, this Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce is the best option to try out. Unlike other hot sauces, it is free from the extracts, and you are definitely going to feel the difference!   

Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce Scoville: Takeaway

With 500,000 SHU, Zombie Apocalypse is one of the best hot sauces to add to your collection, especially if you are a hot chili fan. It’s best with meat dishes and even fried snacks. However, if you are someone who is intolerant to burn or heat, avoid it completely.  

Those willing to bring the heat on can also try Taco Bell’s Diablo Hot Sauce.

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