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Best Juicer for Carrots Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide!

The human body always needs to take vitamins and minerals. One of the methods of storing vitamins in the body is to consume fruit juice. In particular, drinking the juice of freshly squeezed fruits provides immunity against diseases while at the same time providing a chance to consume a delicious drink. The easiest way to drink fresh and healthy juice is with the best juicer for carrots. The juicer squeezes the juice of fruits and vegetables in a few minutes and makes them ready for consumption. In this way, you get the opportunity to consume both delicious and healthy drinks.

The most unique feature of the juicer is that it enables many fruits and vegetables that are difficult to squeeze by hand, such as carrots, to be ready in a short time. You can browse the best juicer for carrots types and buy the product that suits your criteria.

Carrot juice is popular because of its sweet taste and health benefits. Getting a good carrot juicer doesn’t have to be difficult. Actually, carrots are one of the easy herbs to extract juice from, but that doesn’t mean you should choose the first juicer you see on sale.

What are the benefits of carrot juice?

Carrot juice has many benefits thanks to the high amount of beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals it contains. Carrot juice; protects the body against many diseases from the liver to skin diseases, from cholesterol to hypertension.

It is effective in lowering cholesterol

The abundant amount of potassium in carrot juice helps to lower the cholesterol level. In addition, thanks to vitamin A it contains, carrot juice helps to protect liver health by reducing the rate of fat in the liver. Thanks to its potassium and manganese content, it helps to balance blood sugar and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Helps blood clot

Carrot juice helps blood clot thanks to the large amount of vitamin K it contains.

Cancer prevention

Thanks to the carotenoids in carrot juice, it can reduce the risk of prostate, colon, and breast cancer.

It can improve skin beauty

Thanks to a large amount of potassium in it, carrot juice prevents skin dryness and helps to keep the skin moist and reduce blemishes on the skin. It also helps protect the skin from acne, as it is rich in essential oils.

Pregnancy period

Thanks to the vitamin A in carrot juice, it can increase the quality of milk in the breasts. In addition, vitamin A will aid the development of the fetus as it helps cell growth. If carrot juice is consumed in the last 3 months of pregnancy, it can provide a protective effect against dangerous infections in babies.

Helps to lose weight

Carrot juice can be drunk without adding sugar, thanks to the natural sugars it contains. In addition, it can be preferred by people trying to lose weight because it is rich in nutrients and has few calories. Carrot juice; helps to lose weight because it is rich in phosphorus, iron, and fiber.

It is effective against heart diseases

Carrot juice is rich in vitamin A because it contains beta-carotene. Regular use of vitamin A can be preventive against heart disease. In addition, vitamin A protects the health of internal organs and reduces the risk of infection.

Increases the ability to see

Carrot juice improves vision thanks to the beta-carotene and lutein substance it contains. Thanks to these components, which are densely found in the retina, vision improves.

Helps protect lung health

Since carrot juice is rich in vitamin A, it helps reduce the risk of emphysema, which is the biggest fear of smokers.

Fights forgetfulness

The ingredients in carrot juice can help reduce forgetfulness that begins in older ages. A glass of carrot juice that you drink every day can help reduce forgetfulness symptoms and strengthen memory.

Although carrot juice has many benefits, it has no therapeutic properties on its own. You should definitely consult your doctor in the treatment of diseases.

benefits of carrot juice

Best Juicer for Carrots Evaluating

Before we get to the list, let’s talk about how we created it. When we create a buyer’s guide, we like to think about a specific topic and test products accordingly. Not all juicers are the same, and squeezing carrot juice is different than squeezing leafy greens. That said, our process to find the best juicer for carrots:

If the juicer is suitable for a manual, we usually buy it and test it, keep it on hand for other manuals as it may be suitable.

We take note of the specific product features for the job, noting the pros and cons of each product.

We take into account the price/value ratio. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a good value because you didn’t overpay for it! Likewise, spending $ 500 on a premium juicer doesn’t always mean it’s worth the price.

1.Our Best Pick: Omega J8006 Juicer

omega is almost the best juicer for carrots. It is white-gray in color and has a big material entry

The Omega Nutrition Center Juicer is a modern, stylish approach to juicing fashion and is a strong contender in the search for the best juicer for carrots and beets. This machine is easy to assemble, store, and clean. Leafy greens, celery, and fibrous and thick vegetables are all very easy to juice without problems.

The grinding action of this juicer 80 RPM blade helps to grind everything from even the toughest vegetables. This machine can not only squeeze fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples but also can turn various nuts into nut butter, also grind coffee beans, chopped herbs, spices, and garlic.

The Omega Juicer uses a low speed chewing juicer speed for grinding and juicing, which provides better quality juice with higher natural nutrient levels and is easy to use. Its quiet operation and easy-to-use functions make it simple to use and clean, and it’s one of the best options for money.

After juicing the vegetables, the pulp becomes very dry, which confirms how much effort the machine takes to extract the most juice.

The Omega J8004 juicer for carrots is a cost-effective product offered by Omega, which has a reputation for producing quality juicers at various price points.

The J8004 falls under the category of “slow juicers”, which basically means its blades spin at slower speeds compared to other juicers. However, it uses a “double-stage chewable extraction” resulting in much higher juice yields than other models.

With the J8004, you get maximum extraction from a variety of fruits and vegetables with less foam. Performing solidly on many levels, this is a pretty good investment for those looking to get the most out of their fruit and vegetables.

It may be a slow juicer, but the Omega J8004 definitely provides enough strength to hang out with the big kids. The powerful motor that drives the dual-stage juicing system ensures you get the maximum nutritional benefit from all the fruits and vegetables you care about. And with blades rotating only at 80 RPM, virtually no nutrient loss due to heating and oxidation occurs.

  • Powerful engine
  • Dual-stage juice extraction system
  • 15-year warranty on parts and performance
  • Automatic dough thrower
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install, clean, and operate

Omega J8004 generally receives positive reviews and most users praise its high juice yield. While not as fully featured as other units that only cost a little more money, the J8004 is more than adequate for quick and simple juice extraction tasks.

One user complained of relatively poor performance when trying to process nuts into butter and milk. But Omega J8004’s defense is not marketed as an all-in-one solution for every processing need. For this particular user, a device that can handle nuts might be a better choice, especially.

As for other users, Omega J8004 does more than enough work to squeeze most fruits and vegetables, including carrots.

Most people will be happy to have a juicer like Omega J8004 in their kitchen. By offering a good balance of features and functionality at a reasonable price, it can serve as your only juicer until you have a more expensive model.


  • Squeezes anything from soft pears to hard vegetables like carrots
  • It grinds coffee beans, crushes herbs, and turn nuts into nut butter
  • Quiet and low-speed chewing juicer (80 RPM) that delivers quality juice
  • The warranty is valid for 10 years


  • Cleaning can be a little hassle

2.Breville BJE200XL Carrot Juicer

Breville BJE200XL looks like an ordinary food processor, has a metallic color and has its own jar

The Breville juicer sits in our penultimate slot, but unfortunately, this option falls far short of the last Breville unit we looked at. Before we dive into the problems, let’s go over what the device does right.

On the surface, this unit actually looks a lot like the first Breville we looked at. It is easy to clean, has a wide groove and a heavy-duty design to make it durable against time.

The problem is that it doesn’t perform as well as our top pick. We’ve found that larger fruits and vegetables really prevent this, and too much potential juice is left behind.

We also found that she struggles deeply with leafy greens that seem to have no problem sliding out of the dough box.

While this may seem like an affordable alternative to the Breville 800 JEXL, the truth of the matter is that budget buyers can find higher quality options in products like our best for money.

The Cold Spin Technology mentioned above efficiently guides the pulp from the inside of the BJE430SIL upwards. From there, it passes through a stainless steel cutting disc and mesh filter mechanism that removes water with minimal heat build-up. This results in a great-tasting juice without all the valuable vitamins and minerals spoiling.

How effective is Cold Spin Technology? Breville claims less than 1.8 ° C of heat is produced when juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables. This is a much lower figure than most manufacturers can claim, and it’s certainly a big part of what makes the BJE430SIL such an effective juicer.

Take a look at their other features:
  • Powerful 850-watt motor

  • 2 operating speeds (1300 RPM and 6500 RPM)
  • Stainless steel cutting disc and net system
  • Special juice nozzle
  • Cover and store the juice jug for convenient juice storage
  • Dishwasher safe (excluding hood and jug)

For most users, the Breville BJE430SIL’s main selling point seems to be the low price. While this tended to pull out a lot of first-time juicers, very few experienced juicers also appreciated the unit’s reliable performance.

Cold Spin Technology is a particularly pleasant approach to juicing and results in minimal nutrient loss despite the high speeds at which the unit operates. For many users, the opportunity to take advantage of the chewable juicer without compromising its nutritional content was the decisive factor ultimately making them choose the BJE430SIL.


  • Easy to clean
  • Wide Channel


  • Combating leafy foliage
  • Not very comprehensive

3. Hamilton 67601A

Hamilton is almost the best juicer for carrots, it looks like an ordinary juicer, black in color and does not have its own jar

Sometimes the budget should be the most important purchasing consideration. In such cases, it’s good to know that there are products like the Hamilton Beach juicer that are our top pick for those on a budget.

This option is a bit simpler than the last couple we looked at, but there’s a lot to be true.

The Hamilton Beach juicer is easy to clean, has a large chute that allows you to use all fruits and vegetables at the same time, and 800 watts of power with access to make your juicing sessions nice and fast.

All this said we understand a few problems. First of all, this juicer has a bit of a strain with high volumes of vegetables. Considering the price, this isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s also good to keep in mind.

The juicer also struggles with liquid-based fruits and vegetables. We noticed that juices would be particularly meaty when we used liquid-rich ingredients.

That aside, it’s a good starter juicer at a price that will be very hard to beat.


  • Wide Channel
  • Best for money
  • Fast


  • Combating volume
  • It combats liquid-based ingredients.

4.Breville 800JEXL: Best Centrifugal Carrot Juicer

Breville 800JEXL looks like a giant metal food processor, does not have its own jar but looks like a beast

The Breville Juicer certainly seems to do justice to its name with its juices. The stainless steel exterior and modern design make it look very professional and are perfect for carrots and leafy greens. The feed tube has a nice large diameter of 3 inches wide which allows large chunks to be easily fed into the juicer. The very fast design makes juicing all kinds of fruits and vegetables a quick process, including anything from apples to carrots and other ingredients.

The rotating disc blade is a safe way to squeeze the juice and an effective way to extract every single drop of juice. The simple design makes cleaning extremely quick and easy and the whole machine is dishwasher safe.

There is a double-speed setting to distinguish softer fruits and vegetables from something more solid. This function helps the machine run most efficiently, which is the purpose of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite.

Since the Breville boasts of being a fast and speed-focused machine, there are a few warnings about the possibilities of this juicer overheating due to the really hard work of the engine when juicing. There is a mechanism that turns off the juicer if it overheats. However, this is still a possibility and does not always mean safe juicing.

5.NutriChef PKSJ40

Nutrichef best juicer for carrots has a more complex design, showing its insides

Finally, Nutrichef. Unfortunately, this product really ranks on the list, with a performance that doesn’t come close to matching some of the other juicers we see today.

Of course, it’s not all bad. One thing we really like about this juicer is that it is easy to use and also very easy to clean when all the work is said and done.

However, some unfortunate cons are preventing it from reaching the performance high we see with other options.

The unit itself is bulky, the juice it produces is succulent, and we heard several users report it lasts less than a year.

While there are some things NutriChef understands correctly, there are also some issues it has to solve before it can compete more seriously with other premium juicers.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • Meat Juice
  • Difficult to Store
  • Short Life

In this buying guide, we’ll detail what you should look for when purchasing a juicer specifically for making carrot juice.

Centrifugal and Chewing Juicer for Carrots

When searching for a juicer for carrots or for other things like green leafy vegetables, you will come across the terms chewing juicer and a centrifugal juicer. The difference between these types of juicers is quite simple. Most juicers on the market fall into one of these categories.

Slow-chew juicers are essentially a slow-grind juicer for carrots, while a centrifugal juicer uses straight-cut blades under a fast-rotating strainer to create juices. With this type of juicer, fruits or vegetables are strained using centrifugal force.

After reviewing so many things, you are more likely to buy one that only meets a few of your criteria. Still, you don’t need to be overwhelmed with your search. Here are the most important things to consider when buying the best juicer for carrots:

This argument is based entirely on engine and mechanism systems. A slow-chew juicer system uses a slower motor speed to avoid generating any heat that could interfere with nutrients.

Generating heat while the engine is running risks a decrease in nutrients in the final product of fruit juice from vegetables or fruits.

A centrifugal-type juicer often has problems with tighter items such as celery and wheatgrass, as the motor is not so effective at shredding these hard vegetables and fibrous pieces.

Some of the hardest ingredients to juice are carrots, wheatgrass, celery, and cabbage. These products require a powerful motor, such as a slow chew juicer system. These vegetables and herbs have less chance of passing through the centrifuge system because they do not have the power to pass all the fiber and fibrous material of the motor.

While the chewable juicer (slow juicer) designs may have a more powerful engine, they are also more expensive and tend to be more complex altogether.

The Most Important Features to Consider while buying the Best Juicer for Carrots

Annoying noise and vibrations are inevitable with the carrot juicer, but there are machines that are quieter than others when it comes to these vegetables.

Several juicers have built-in dials to change the amount of speed the motor runs on. This allows for customization depending on how hard the item is juicing. Some even have the opposite function. The reverse function of a juicer can help clear clogging and keep the juicer clean.

Taking into account the fruits and vegetables you enjoy juicing can help you eliminate the need for this function or shop for these guaranteed machines.

Security is a huge concern to look for in such powerful machines, and most of what we do revolves around security. Knives and motors can be daunting items to have in the kitchen, so it is important to make sure the correct safety precautions are taken.

BPA-free plastic is a feature that many plastics or partially plastic juicers note; however, there are a few people who do not mention this feature at all. For your safety, make sure this chemical is not present. Dishwasher safe may be a feature you are looking for as it increases the ease of cleaning.

How to take care of your carrot juicer?

Whether you are using a chewing juicer (slow juicer), centrifugal juicers, or something else, there are plenty of moving parts that contain juicing products. Several of these can be sharp and/or dangerous to use. Cleaning and maintaining your carrot juicer can seem daunting, so here’s a list of ways to proactively keep your carrot juicer at the perfect notch for long life.

  • Use a cleaning brush or an old toothbrush so you don’t have to put your hand near the blades.
  • Use milder soap or baking soda to avoid harsh chemicals
  • Wash using lukewarm or hot water to help further disinfect areas that are super hard to clean
  • Use a soaking method to start the cleaning process

If properly cared for, a juicer can last more than ten years. Generally speaking, these devices are made of high-quality materials and since in most cases, they are not used every day, buying a good quality one right away from the stick, taking good care of it, and not abuse it should last a long time.

Cleaning Coarse Material

If your juicer develops any build-up after using it a few times, you should deal with the problem as soon as possible. Formation tends to be a bigger and bigger problem as time goes on. Here are a few tips for removing debris.

  • Again, be sure to use lighter products such as vinegar or denture tablets for your cleansing soap.
  • You can use salt as an abrasive
  • Reuse any brushes or toothbrushes you would normally use to clean your carrot juicer.
  • Try soaking in hot water with a little vinegar. This method may take some time, but it works.

Juicers Are Not Blenders:

blender or juicer

We know you already know this, but as a reminder, juicers are really different from blenders. This is probably one of the biggest confusions about juicers.

The results of these two kitchen gadgets are actually quite similar. The process is different. While juicers extract the liquid of a fruit or vegetable from the dough, the blender mixes both. If you are sick of the noise your blender/juicer makes, be sure to check out our top 10 best quiet blender reviews.

It is not really possible to say which option is better. The truth is that both options are very healthy and beneficial for your lifestyle.

However, keep in mind that for the purposes of today’s guide, we are not talking about mixers here.


If you’re new to juicing, you’ll likely run into a bit of a tag shock while searching the web while looking for the perfect unit to add to your home. There are many options out there that literally cost thousands of dollars.

Yeah. We said thousands of dollars. There are more bells and whistles than the hundred dollar options on the market, but the truth is that there is no logical reason to spend even close to that amount for a juicer.

In fact, there are several scandals involving products that never work in this price range.

Fancy juice bars may need to go for high-end equipment to cater to customers, but you and your family will be shopping well for something that comfortably fits your budget.

Our best for withdrawal is an excellent example of a product that manages to be both affordable and efficient.

Not All Juices Are Equal:

Juice should be a nutritionally rich way to enrich your diet. And really, with the right product, it will be exactly that. But only with the right product.

Some juicers will be better than others at preserving the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables you use.

Chewing juicers (juicers that gently separate the pulp from juice using a cold-press system) are generally considered the best at creating the most nutrient-rich beverages.

However, they are generally more expensive than alternative options.

Centrifugal juicers are much more common, more affordable, and easier to use than chew juicers, but they can also be quite hit and miss.

If you want to buy a centrifugal juicer to take advantage of the easy-to-use interface and wallet-friendly price tag, then feel free to do so.

However, before doing that, you’ll want to read the product to make sure it is doing what it needs to do.

There are many high-quality centrifugal juicers on the market, but separating the good from the bad sometimes takes some research.

What Juice Will You Squeeze with the best juicer for carrots?:

The point of today’s article is obviously juicers that are good for dealing with carrots. However, you need to consider the specific needs of any food you plan to juice.

While most juicers will be able to handle a wide variety of vegetables, many will be better than others.

For example, centrifugal juicers tend to struggle a bit with leafy greens, while chewing juicers tend to be very good with these.

Knowing what your juicer specializes in can save you a lot of frustration on the way.

You will need to buy a lot of vegetables:

vegetables, juice

Whichever juicer you buy, you’ll have to start buying a lot of vegetables when you get to the grocery store.

This may sound obvious, but many new juicers are surprised by how much grocery bills go up when they start using juicers regularly.

Unfortunately, this is something you will encounter no matter what squeeze it is. Since the function of these products is to buy large quantities of vegetables and convert them into relatively small amounts of juice, you’ll want to make sure to include larger grocery bills in your budget.

Time Commitment:

Last, but not least, consider the time commitment! It has a reputation for juicing as it takes a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, the standard home model doesn’t have to take longer than ten to fifteen minutes to prepare juice for two people.

Centrifugal juicers are known to be generally faster than the chewable alternative due to their larger shoots. Finding the right centrifugal juicer will save you time and money in a highly efficient and affordable unit.

These juicers have very unique properties that meet specific uses, from making carrot juice, baby food, smoothies, and more to simply changing ingredients. Researching the different products available can give you the opportunity to choose the best juicer for carrots for your needs.

The simplest juicers can juice whole and non-green leafy products, while the more expensive options can give you the ability to juice almost anything you can find in the product section. Some even have the added advantage of grinding coffee beans, mincing garlic, herbs, and spices, and turning all kinds of nuts into nut butter.

Conclusion for the Best Juicer for Carrots

These juicers have very unique properties that meet specific uses, from making carrot juice, baby food, smoothies, and more to simply changing ingredients. Researching the different products available can give you the opportunity to choose the best juicer for carrots for your needs.

The simplest juicers can juice whole and non-green leafy products, while the more expensive options can give you the ability to juice almost anything you can find in the product section. Some even have the added advantage of grinding coffee beans, mincing garlic, herbs, and spices, and turning all kinds of nuts into nut butter.

You have read the carrot juicer reviews. Now is the time to decide which of these machines will give you a healthier, happier home.

Ultimately, you will have to compare your home’s needs to the capabilities of each juicer.

However, if you still have a hard time deciding, there are a few options we think will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

If your main concern is getting the best juicer for carrots and beets you can buy, regardless of price, we think you’ll probably appreciate the Breville 800JEXL.

Of course, sometimes you have to think about the budget as well as the quality. If that’s what explains your situation, you can’t go wrong with Hamilton, who does our best for coin selection.

Of course, now that you are familiar with the juicing world, you should have no problem finding the best juicer for carrots for you and your family.

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