Best Juicer for Beginners: Review the Best One for You

While only ready-made fruit juice consumption in the past, mini fruit juice factories establishing in almost everyone’s home. Based on this, small kitchen appliance manufacturers are competing with each other to produce the best juicer for beginners. More functional and useful juicer models are on the market every day.

Squeezing and drinking the juices of vegetables and fruits has many benefits both in terms of diet and health. It is necessary to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, especially in winter, to protect against diseases. In the summer months, families with children and those who regularly exercise are in search of juicers. It is to create an alternative to acidic beverages.

If you have a habit of drinking fresh and natural fruit juice, you can easily prepare your own fruit juice at home. Also instead of paying tens of lira for a glass outside. I have prepared a guideline for those looking for juicer advice.

Best Juicer for Beginners: The Omega NC900HDC Nutrition System

Ready to learn everything you need to know about the best juicer and nutrition center for beginners on the market right now?

Omega NC900HDC Nutrition System is a surprisingly versatile juicer with a powerful juice extraction process. Although it requires a slight learning curve, it is an excellent juicer for hard, leafy greens.


Really good for squeezing leafy greens and hard products

Effective juice extraction, leaving a dry pulp

User-friendly setup for beginners

An impressive 15-year warranty


Some plastic parts look fragile when squeezing hard products

Bulky and takes up some space

Requires a slight learning curve to avoid difficulties and broth

Prone to terrible performance with soft fruits

Like other chewing juicers, it also has a two-stage juice extraction process, where the pulp is thoroughly crushed and pressed through a juice squeezer to separate the juice from the pulp.

Is it the juice of other things? Exactly. In fact, Omega calls it a nutrition system because it makes the machine for frozen fruit ice cream, baby food, ground beef, sherbet, nut butter, etc.

How Do Juicers Work?

Juicers are usually knife impacted. I usually say because juicers have been produced recently, which can be crushed without crushing with a knife. The vitamin loss of the fruits/vegetables whose juice is extracted by the crushing process is also minimal.

We have reviewed the best juicer models that meet our summer & winter vitamin needs once again. Also, I wanted to recommend the best juicer for beginners from the products produced with the latest technology. Let me also point out that there are models suitable for every pouch and every taste. You can learn about other options. After visiting the website of the juicer that I recommend the product price and the model range.

Where to Get the Best Juice Extractors for Beginners at Affordable Prices?

A juicer can use to meet the need for fresh fruit juice, regardless of the home or workplace. The best juicer for lever presses and beginners for squeezing citrus fruits are available both manually and electrically. Apart from the classic juicer used for frequently used fruits, there are also separate juicers for some special fruits. These devices, which take the burden of families with babies, extract the juice by turning the fruits into pulp. With the centrifuge method, the juice can separate from the fruit pulp.

Since the parts that grate the fruits work with the help of a motor. It is in the category of electrical kitchen appliances. This is the part that separates the most important partial pulp and water of small kitchen appliances. Also named a citrus juicer. Attention should be pay to the material from which this sieve part is making. For example; It would be very advantageous to separate the fruits used in fruit cake from the pulp in the citrus juicer.

The large chamber of the product allows the product to be squeezing in one go. Electrically operated products, which are different to use according to their model. You can choose a suitable head according to the size of the fruit. It can operate without too much pressure. Juicers ensure that fruits are healthier than those made outside and do not lose their vitamins. It is also ideal for dehydrating vegetables. Juicers preferred by dieters are especially useful.

Juicer Models and Prices

Juicers are one of the most used small kitchen appliances. Juicers with different models have many features. It is very ergonomic with its compact design, all parts of which are machine washable. The prices of the firm juicer are higher than the lever press machines for the ones working with electricity. The most extensive in terms of use are the ones with large places where fruit and vegetables are placed. These products, which squeeze all kinds of fruits and vegetables, consist of a 2-liter fruit pulp section and a 1-liter juice container. Among the juicers, there are grades according to the hardness of the fruit or vegetable. Many features such as this feature determine the prices of solid fruit. Amazon offers products for different prices and performances on its website.

It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a juicer for vegetables and fruits. Freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices are essential for health and well-being because they contain vitamins and trace elements essential for the body. But for a juicer to be useful, it must be selected correctly, taking into account all the main points. So what should be considered when buying the best juicer for beginners. You can see our buying guide for beginners:

Buying Guide: The Best Juicer for Beginners

Made Material

For the prepared fruit and vegetable juices to be healthy, the materials they produce are an important factor. Juicers made of stainless materials such as aluminum or steel and washable should be preferred. The fact that the blade that crushes the fruits is made of stainless steel makes the product much more useful.

Maximum Power

The high maximum power of the product enables you to prepare drinks faster. Thanks to this feature that makes the user practical, the juices of hard vegetables and fruits can be easily separated from their pulp.

It’s Capacity

The juicer product should have a juice chamber and the higher the capacity of this chamber, the more fruits you can squeeze in whole or in large pieces. So you can prepare your drinks faster.

Levels of Function

The multiplicity of function levels is important for the product to be able to squeeze fruit and vegetables of any hardness. Care should be taken as some fruits need to be squeezed gradually. For example; Since the avocado fruit is very hard, it should be squeezed by increasing the stage.

Special Features

As with any electronic gold, citrus juicers also have special features. Security measures are important to avoid any problems. These types of products also have safety latches that provide security measures. An Anti-drip system and non-slip feet can also be considered a safety measure. It is extremely important not to drip while performing the process in order to avoid contamination. Some products have the function of squeezing whole fruits and vegetables. In addition, with its instant start feature, it is possible to gain speed while squeezing fruit and vegetable juice.


Although kitchen appliances are generally produced in white or gray, there are also those produced in different colors such as blue, red, and black, especially in recent years.

Juicers and Their Brands

Almost every brand that produces electronic products also has a juicer product. The quality and functions of each differ. Amazon offers many juicer brands at affordable prices. Besides, the Amazon web page, which allows its customers to examine all its features, allows benefiting from various campaigns.


I have to admit, I think it’s great that this machine is so versatile, and definitely tried making frozen banana ice cream!

If you are totally new to juicing, this is a tough investment in terms of the best juicer for beginners, and I suggest you consider purchasing a top-quality centrifugal juicer.

If you’ve been juicing for a while and are still excited and ready to upgrade to a premium machine that’s perfect for squeezing leafy greens, the Omega NC900HDC is worth the purchase.

Either way, keep in mind that this juicer works best for hard produce, kale, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. So if you’re looking for a great juicer to squeeze out lots of soft fruits (melons, citrus fruits, strawberries, etc.), this won’t be your best option.

However, Omega NC900HDC is functional, extremely quiet, and provides excellent quality juice!

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