Organic Food: Does it really contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

It’s said that a peek performing machine, if left idle in a shed or a garage, will ultimately rust and crumble. Our bodies are like a piece of machinery – only much more complex to understand. But can the same adage that we apply to the machinery, also be applied to the body? Does exercising our minds, our bodies, and giving it the correct fuel really guarantee good health? Organic Food is important.

WHAT IS “Exercise”?

The noun “exercise” has been defined by the Free Dictionary as:

“Activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness”

Clearly, if this definition is anything to go by, exercise would be characterized by:

The willful and deliberate actions of a person, The inclusion of either mental, physical, or a combination of both activities, A specific purpose – that of developing and maintaining one’s health and fitness. If you want to learn more about benefits of regular exercise, be sure to check out this page.

Organic fruits and veggies: How much is enough?

Experts tell us that a wholesome diet comprises of eating a well-balanced meal that includes elements from the five major food groups:

When all of these food groups are combined together in appropriate proportions, they provide the basic building blocks for a healthy body. But often, people wonder whether they are eating enough fruits and veggies, and if not, how much should they be eating? Don’t forget about the exercise (we had to say it). If you’ve gotten your hands on organic fruits, let’s say, Pomegranates, be sure to check our articles about best pomegranates juicers and the benefits of pomegranate juice.

Let’s explore that question in greater detail.

Organic food: what is it, and why should you be eating it?

With so much pollution, product dilution, and environmental contamination going around today, people are concerned about their health and wellbeing. And rightly so! All of this is having an adverse impact on our food supplies, and commercial-minded food producers are turning to unusual methods to boost productivity: Harsh chemicals, high-strength pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers.

Are we destined to eat chemically grown foods for the rest of our lives? Even exercise can’t help that.


Not all has been lost! A growing number of environmentally conscious farmers and live-stock raisers are turning to the cultivation of organic foods as a way to fight back. Whether they are tomatoes, potatoes, and corn, or turnips and spinach, these are foods that:

are produced using minimal amounts of pesticides and fertilizers, use only environmentally friendly pesticides and fertilizers are grown by applying environment and animal-friendly cultivation methods

The basic premise of organic food is that it is possible for us to grow and rear our food using earth-friendly methods and substances. For instance, products that were previously grown using chemical fertilizer are now produced using all-natural alternatives, like organic fertilizers (mulch, compost, clover, manure) instead.

5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From A Water Softener/Filter

Water: the healthiest thing that you could put into your body…

Water is the most prized natural resource the world has to offer; neither our planet nor our bodies can survive without it. Yet, when it comes to drinking water, not all water is created equal.

Although tap water is deemed safe to drink, the taste leaves much to be desired. That is because the majority of homes around the world are supplied with what we call hard water.

Hard water is water with high concentrations of metals such as iron and minerals such as calcium as well as other chemicals.

To enjoy the safest, most delicious water in your home, you should install a water softener system: when choosing a water softener system make sure you choose the best water softener available on the market so you can get the most benefits out of it.

water filter

5 tips for getting the most healthful benefits from your filtered, softened water:

Beware of the Sodium – Adding sodium is part of the water softening process so soft water will have a higher sodium content than normal. This counts toward your recommended daily allowance of sodium and can cause adverse effects if you are watching your sodium intake. Being aware of how much sodium is in your food and water is a good habit to get into, as too much salt isn’t healthy for you, anyway. The alternative is to find a water filter system that uses potassium instead of salt, easing your sodium worries.

Take a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement – The water softening process removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water, thus from your body.

These minerals are essential to the body for proper functioning, and can easily be replaced with a once-daily supplement. Taking in the proper amount of minerals daily is vital to the production of red blood cells and can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Enjoy Healthier Hair and Skin – When you shower in hard water, the minerals in the water and the soap together create what is called soap curd. Soap curd is a film left on your skin and hair that is hard to rinse and leaves a residue. This causes itchy, possibly irritated skin and hair that is dull, lifeless, and hard to manage.

Soft water doesn’t contain any of the minerals that mix with soap to form soap curd, so your skin can breathe and your hair will be soft, shiny, and manageable.

Water That Smells and Tastes Better – While hard water is safe enough to drink, it contains chemicals like Sulfur and chlorine which make it smell and taste funny. While only trace amounts-not enough to be harmful-are found in hard water, removing them improves the quality of your water greatly. Softened water eliminates these chemicals making your water more appealing and yes, healthier.

Eliminate Dangerous Chemicals – Most people aren’t aware of all the harmful chemicals that can be in tap water. Bad tap water can also contain bacteria, parasites, viruses, organic chemicals, and radioactive chemicals that come from a number of sources.

For instance, some are leached into the water through the soil, such as pesticides would be. Water softener systems will eliminate all the harmful things in your water.

So, there you have 5 great reasons why you should get a water filtration system. Buy the best system you can afford to buy as the cheaper models don’t tend to be as effective: you have everything to gain by it and nothing to lose except a whole lot of toxins.

Don’t have a system? In the meantime, drink bottled water to maintain your health, especially if you have a lowered immune system or are pregnant.

Clean fresh water, a healthy diet, and regular exercise will leave you feeling healthy and happy for years to come.

Nutrition Tips For Hard Working Plumbers – Organic Food

Nutrition Tips for Hard Working Plumbers
Janitor Work Plumber Pömpel Fig Repair Cute

Tradesmen in Australia have a reputation for being an unhealthy bunch, however recently we have noticed a huge increase in the organic food eating habits within the industry.

Are times changing?

Traditionally, plumbers have had the worst reputation for health, so I did a little local market research to see what I could uncover.

This article was written for all of the hard-working plumbers of Australia: nutrition tips for hard-working plumbers.

Plumbers are known to have very VERY busy working schedules and at times it’s not uncommon for them to continue working well into the night. If you’re in a similar position, It’s important that you take good care of yourself so that you can care for your customers. The following five nutrition tips for hard-working plumbers are designed to help you do just that. Keep them close at hand so that you can follow them each and every day.

No matter how busy you’re: make the time to eat breakfast every morning before you leave the house. Your body needs organic food after going all night without eating. Choose your breakfast carefully, and do not load up on junk food.


Healthy Breakfast

Try a healthy meal of Eggs, fruits, and oatmeal; these are all good choices for the morning meal. Make the first meal of the day the most nutritious!

Drink plenty of water throughout the day as you work so that you do not become dehydrated. I recently spoke to a local plumber from The Pipe Relining Experts Co. (who focus on pipe relining Sydney) and was advised that plumbers tend to drink lots of energy drinks, however, this is a big no-no. Energy drinks are no different from your typical sugary cola, and are very unhealthy: they will only you a quick boost of energy, and shortly after you will crash.

Lunch (Do Not Skip Lunch!)

Be sure that you schedule a lunch break during the day, no matter how busy your day might be. Why?

Your body needs fuel as you race from job to job (you are burning tons of calories)

Just as your car cannot run without fuel, neither can your body run without food.

Now that’s a healthy lunch!


Healthy Dinner

Be sure to eat a sensible dinner after you get home from work every day – It may be tempting to plop in front of the television with a bag of potato chips, but this should be avoided at all costs. It’s important that you treat your body right by putting great food into it, around the clock.

Make it a point to do your grocery shopping each week, or even every two weeks, The point is to stock your home with all of the organic food groups that are good for you. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and fish, should all be readily available at your house. This will make it less likely that you will stop off for fast food, or sugary, high-fat snacks.

It’s important for everyone to take care of their body, as after all: your body is your temple.

It’s easy to make excuses for why you do not have the time for breakfast, or to eat a nutritious dinner, however, these excuses can be very harmful to your body.

Your health is worth the effort.

If you’re a ‘Tradie’ of any sort, now is the time to start looking after your body: there is no second chance.

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